Red Cross Volunteer

Do you want to make a difference in your community or in the world? Do you want to save lives? If you have the desire to be a modern day hero, then consider volunteering with Red Cross.

Red Cross is all about saving lives. With a goal that huge and important, it takes a lot of people to effectively work toward it. Red Cross would be nothing without its volunteers. In fact, of all the humanitarian work that we do at Red Cross, no less than 90% of it is carried out by our volunteers.

There are many volunteer opportunities available. To get started, just follow these steps on the application page:

  • Give us your information
  • Go through the online orientation
  • Select the volunteer activity that you want
  • Update your profile
  • Read the Red Cross policies and agree to them
  • Authorize us to do a background check

After your background check clears, we will contact you to welcome you to our team. You will then be able to log into Volunteer Connection. Volunteer Connection is our online system that helps our volunteers find opportunities that could use their assistance. Simply log in and you will find opportunities in your area. Emergencies that you could potentially help with include assisting a ill or injured veteran, a displaced family, or even thousands of disaster victims.

What volunteer opportunities are there? red-cross-volunteers

There are such a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers as Red Cross. If you are interested in learning what is available around your area, then your best bet would be to contact your local chapter.

Some opportunities include taking a leadership role as a board member of community volunteer leader. You can help support our blood drives by helping to recruit blood donors or driving our donation trucks to pick up blood and deliver them to the laboratory. You can help during a crisis by joining your local disaster action team. You could educate others by teaching them skills in CPR, first aid, disaster preparedness water safety, and even proper babysitting.

You could support our armed forces by becoming an armed forces caseworker or volunteering at a Veterans Administration or military hospital. Assist with Red Cross by helping set up fundraiser and thanking donors. Offer health care by volunteering your first aid and CPR services. If you are good at written or oral communication, then you could help Red Cross by researching and writing grants or preparing presentations. Red Cross could also always use clerical and staff support at our offices and warehouses. There are also plenty of international opportunities available for you especially is you are multilingual.

In addition to those opportunities listed above, there are many more opportunities for nurses, groups, students, and businesses. And of course, we could always use monetary donations to help with all of our urgent humanitarian needs.

No matter how you are able to volunteer your time and skills, you will be a welcome part of an amazing organization. If you are looking to make an impact on the world, then volunteering with the American Red Cross is definitely for you.

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