Red Cross Babysitting Course 

Nowadays parents are cautious about whom they allow to watch over their children. And for good reason. For any parent, your children are the most precious things in the world to you. Of course you would want your children to always be in good hands. You would want somebody whom you could trust and who knows what he or she is doing.

Not only does the American Red Cross offer babysitting courses, but also it is actually the nation’s leader in babysitting and child care training classes. In a recent survey, eight out of ten parents said that they would actually pay more for a babysitter who was trained by the Red Cross and who holds an official Red Cross babysitter certification. For anyone who is looking to start a babysitting business, the Red Cross babysitting course will teach you how to become a safe, reliable, trustworthy, and professional babysitter. With the Red Cross babysitting certification, you will be the most reliable babysitter in your neighborhood.

What will you learn from the Red Cross babysitting course? redcrossbabysitting

The course will help you with the following:

  • Obtain knowledge and skills needed to safely and responsibly care for infants and children.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Develop a babysitting business.
  • Learn how to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Learn how to help children behave.
  • Learn about basic child care.
  • Learn basic first aid.

The Red Cross babysitting course is intended for youth who are between the ages of 11 and 15 years old. This age range is a prime time for youth to develop child care skills so that they can help take care of children in their families in addition to the children of paying clients.

In addition to having babysitting courses in a classroom setting, the American Red Cross has also made an online version available. This babysitting basics online course is intended primarily for youths aged 11 years old or older. The online course included six interactive modules that consist of videos, games, activities, and tools that are designed to help babysitters build their knowledge and skills. The course will take about four hours to complete and includes a final exam at the end. Upon successful completion of the online course, students will receive a certificate that they can print out. The online course prepares students to become better babysitters by teaching them how to start and manage a babysitting business, provide care for children and infants, what to do in an emergency, how to stay safe, how to choose age-appropriate activities, and how to recognize and handle different behaviors in children. red-cross-babysitting-training

For babysitters who want to go the extra mile, the American Red Cross also offers first aid, CPR, and AED certification courses. These certificates are good for two years. If you are certified in CPR, then you will surely stand out above other babysitters who aren’t. Absolutely anything can happen while you are on a babysitting assignment. Your clients will be relieved to know that their precious children are in the capable hands of someone who is prepared to handle any situation.

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