AL Red Cross Services

Emergency Services – American Red Cross takes action to provide individuals and families with shelter, food and health services when they are affected by large or small disasters. Emergency services range from care for those who are evacuating as a result of a hurricane to providing home clean-up kits to those devastated by a tornado. The Mid Alabama Region is here to help. The Disaster Action Team volunteer program is able to respond to the scene of a disaster to assist people in distress.

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Health & Safety Services

Each year, the American Red Cross trains and prepares millions of people worldwide on how to save lives through health and safety training. Our available training programs include:

  • First Aid
  • CPR and AED
  • Aquatics and water safety
  • Swimming lessons
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and education
  • And Caregiving programs

The Red Cross is committed to keeping people safe in all environments, whether it be at home, at school, or in the workplace. We do this by teaching people about how to prevent and respond to emergencies. Service delivery options include: on-site training and regularly scheduled programs to take place at Red Cross locations.

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Service to Armed Forces

The American Red Cross provides emergency communications to both active duty and community-based military that will link them with their families, grant them access to financial assistance, counseling and assistance to veterans. Personnel work in over 700 chapters in the U.S, on 58 military installations around the world and with troops overseas.

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Project SHARE

Project SHARE helps to provide emergency assistance to out elderly and disabled neighbors that need assistance with their energy bills. Those in need apply for assistance with the American Red Cross office in their respective country of residence. Project SHARE is funded by utility customers that donate through their monthly bills.

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Community Education

Community education exists to help you prepare your family and your home before a disaster strikes. By preparing beforehand, you can reduce the social and economic costs of any disaster. To be Red Cross Ready: Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed.

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International Services

These service initiatives focus on primary health care, emergency response and preparedness, restoring family links, and the dissemination of international humanitarian law.

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Volunteer Services

Providing relief to victims of disasters and prevent, prepare for and respond to emergency situations is the goal of our volunteers. The local chapter of the Red Cross can work with you to provide you with rewarding experiences, no matter your schedule. We have the need to people with all different kinds of backgrounds, talents, and skill levels. Even if you need training, we are happy to work with you to provide that training.

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Blood Services

American Red Cross Biomedical Services play a huge role in this nation’s health care system, being the largest single supplier of blood as well as blood products in the U.S and collecting and processing more than 40% of the blood and helping to distribute it to around 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers all over the nation. The Red Cross also assists in a large way in the protection of the safety of blood donors and patients as well as helping increase the availability of blood. The Red Cross has been among the first to assist in the development and implementation of testing for infectious diseases. It has also frequently held the status of the single major contributor in regards to clinical trials to help improve blood safety. A

key component of the mission of the Red Cross to help others in distressing times is providing life-saving blood and blood products to patients.

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